Why TripleCheck


One of the main IT/ Technological/ Business processes challenges for organizations is monitoring their multiple Software's Applications, Data wise. Many business practices push for management by exceptions! Current information systems, especially ERP and CRM systems, does not provide management by exception.

Validating the accuracy of system data is a crucial, complex and cumbersome multi-objective problem, involved with a vast amount of constraints. With TripleCheck 3C Monitoring and Reporting system organizations can monitor, control and audit their multiple applications data in a single centralized workbench. TripleCheck 3C workbench classifies your business/data issues by different business process/ source systems and priorities in an enhanced and explicit manner thus allowing the user to immediately focus on required issues.

With TripleCheck: BE Pro-Active and not passive!!!, Control and stabilize your ERP, CRM, and other Applications more efficiently. Push for continuance approval management procedures, By being Pro-Active in resolving your system exceptions you Increase organization confidence relying on organization Systems. You also optimize and improve business procedures, shorten inherently completed procedures time (i.e. period close), cuts IT/ Organization costs. With TripleCheck 3C Monitoring Solution you will gain a Rapid and obvious ROI. TripleCheck aims to bring innovative and efficient niche solution for Monitoring Software’s Applications using Oracle APEX platform. Our solution increases the organization’s confidence in their Applications data and improves their internal/ external processes.