Unprecedented data anomalies detection

Organizations are looking for cyber solutions to prevent external and internal threats, breathlessly trying to prevent deliberately malicious actions, yet the discourse is lacking talk about data anomalies created by user error. Errors that can range from simple typos to managing wrong data within organizational source systems.

Think what an impact you as an IT visionary can have within your organization when you bring to your management a tool that can provide your business users idiosyncratic insight into what might be wrong and what may be leading to wrong decisions. We all know that source systems such as ERP, CRM and other best of breed solutions are supposed to support your business needs and procedures. Unfortunately, those were never designed to monitor data anomalies within those source systems or in between your source systems.

Think what you, your IT team as well as your business users can achieve knowing that they can control data anomalies on a daily basis, knowing that both your IT team as well as your business team can define their own data anomalies detection's.

Knowing that you have available a unified monitoring platform allowing your organization to monitor data anomalies, have tighter control on your data and get insights based on your data. This will have an enormous impact on your business results, on your ability to respond to market fluctuations quickly, and give you more confidence knowing you can rely on real-time, accurate data.

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